It’s a scene made even more visceral when Arthur evolves his look one last time to the Joker we know: He takes blood from his mouth and streaks it across his cheeks to match the character’s terrifying trademark grin. But entering the highly scrutinized world of comic book material—in an era when fandoms are notoriously harsh to those tackling their favorite properties—presented a different challenge than, say, rom-coms such as I Love You, Man and Dan in Real Life. The only problem is that you’re not actually watching a Joker movie. The supremely dark new movie “Joker” is the type of flick that offers itself up to many interpretations – both positive and negative. But that’s not what we see when Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) croons his audience into the end credits. Gary, who moans in emotional agony watching the brutal death from a corner, is allowed to pass the slumped Joker, who tells his old co-worker he won't hurt him, but Gary can't reach the lock on the door to leave. The scene captured on the movie poster of Phoenix dancing on a set of stairs in the Bronx, New York, has become a star in its own right. Ranked: Every big-screen Joker (including Joaquin Phoenix), from worst to best, Box office: Joaquin Phoenix's 'Joker' sets October record for Thursday showings. Randall slumps to the floor, and Arthur smiles as his own white face is now speckled in blood. We come in very specifically with an idea about that. I assume that a movie of this scale has to be planned out. He was triumphant, ushering his fellow citizens to a deliverance of madness. We knew it wasn’t going to be action-packed. But one aspect can’t be argued: It is disturbing and shocking in a way that a major studio film hasn't been in years. As the Waynes retreat through an alleyway, a clown-masked individual skulks behind them. One of the jerks sings “Send in the Clowns” at him and they proceed to beat him up. Todd and I, our number one thing always is, whatever we do, we want to do it with intent, but we never want to feel self-conscious. Famously with the bathroom scene, we shot early in the shoot, within the first 10 days. We knew Joaquin Phoenix's "Joker" was going to be dark from the first trailer. Arthur is a super-fan of Gotham TV host Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro) but begins to sour on him when the host mocks Arthur's stand-up routine on his show and even gives him the name “Joker.”. Joker was a really cool combination for us, working on that philosophy of no rehearsals, just feel it out with the actor, but also some scenes that are very planned out.

Explaining what apparently went down on set, Phoenix said that he found it hard to concentrate while filming due to a crew member called Larry "[whispering] constantly". According to Joker's cinematographer Lawrence Sher, who the outburst was aimed at, the whole thing went over everybody's heads because Phoenix is "such a good actor". He underscores the fallacy of her psychological investigation with her murder and the pursuing foot chase through the halls. But advertising revenue helps support our journalism. The scene right now, let’s say, is a minute. We didn’t want to tell the audience everything especially because the Joker, even in the comics and other places in the past, is an unreliable narrator. Then, think about the scene when he’s dealing with the signs. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I can't do this, man!" Batman shouts, "Let her go!" spoiler. Did those clown-masked hooligans genuflect to Joker? In Arthur and Joker’s world, the shadow is kind of his destiny, the darker side of himself, the side that’ll become his true face. “It was more something I looked for each day and thought perhaps this movie could be the kind of thing where you can pause on a still and you know exactly what’s happening to Arthur in that frame.” Lawrence Sher/Warner Bros. The comic book lore says it’s gotta be Zorro, and if the ’80s can’t provide Tyrone Power, then the George Hamilton variety will have to do. It’s very meditative and so the camera movement is very slow, the composition and the framing and the lighting and all those things could possibly help draw the characters in even more. How did you go about reflecting his inner journey with visual language? and the Joker then says: "Very poor choice of words." This was maybe two-and-a-half minutes or three minutes, because he’s expressing how much he loves his job and please don’t do this. Click the AdBlock Plus button on your browser and select Disable on

So all we need is steadicam one and dolly once he’s gone into this fantasy boat. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Joker, in many appearances across many mediums, has always been something of a cult leader, and his violent actions in the movie spark a “Kill the Rich” movement with followers who wear clown masks. We didn’t do that many takes and they were all in the same vein. He’s not living in a padded cell, he exists in heaven, and his new residence gives him the giggles. One gets away, and prey becomes predator: Arthur hunts the wounded survivor to the next subway stop, shooting him in the back twice before he’s dead. Here are the most disturbing moments. It was more something I looked for each day and thought perhaps this movie could be the kind of thing where you can pause on a still and you know exactly what’s happening to Arthur in that frame. Director Todd Phillips and cinematographer Lawrence Sher manipulate this era of cinema to heighten the hellscape of their antihero and deliver a Gotham City that feels more emotionally relatable to today’s disenfranchised than any other theatrical adaptation. Spoiler alert! But there are subtle things we did as far as loose rules. His new acolytes pull him out and when he wakes up, Arthur stands atop the cop car, triumphant, while they surround him and cheer. So it was really important for us to make sure the audience connects with him first and foremost as a human being. Weekly Columnist for Film School Rejects, co-host of the In The Mouth of Dorkness Podcast.

Were there any shots you were particularly proud of that didn’t make it into the final cut? But there, I remember there was a feeling that what we had planned for the scene didn’t really make sense anymore so let’s throw a camera in there and see what happens. Taking inspiration from Joker’s actions on the subway and Live with Murray Franklin, the 99-percenter guns down Mr. and Mrs. Wayne, leaving Bruce as a helpless witness as two super rats scurry behind him. Even when he comes to the door, we’re handheld previous to that, and the the door knocks and we walk back to the door, now that’s steadicam. Galaxy Buds Live Now Comes In Mystic Blue! most controversial mainstream film of 2019, Brilliant and Unforgettable, ‘Joker’ Borders on Genius.

We didn’t want to give away more of the clues. We do not know how he got here. Obviously there’s a fair bit of the movie that takes place within Arthur’s mind. In this entry, we explore the ending of Joker. I made a mental note to myself that one of the things we could do with Joker was, if we could do it right, make it in a way that felt very true to the emotional connection people have when they are into comics and graphic novels. The wannabe comedian that demanded that his TV idol (Robert De Niro) rechristen him as “Joker” to the national stage before he declared himself as the righteous subway assassin and spun Gotham into a frenzy of riotous rage with a bullet to talk show host Murray Franklin’s eye socket, now sits in a bleached white room across from yet another inquisitive social worker. Did Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullen) sock him in the jaw when confronted about his genetic link to Arthur? Did you use any visual clues to differentiate between what is real and what is fantasy? BEHIND THE CURTAIN, Joker sees the stagehand motioning for him to go out on stage.

We have a lot of handheld stuff in the movie because we love it but we also use techniques—cranes, dollies, all this stuff, steadicam.

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