The young ones are especially good at catching caterpillars. What time of day are snakes most active? The head of a Copperhead snake is in the shape of a triangle. Copperheads are medium-sized snakes, with their length being around 2 or 3 feet.

Like most of the snake species, the Copperheads eat their prey whole, utilizing the flexibility of their hinged jaws. There is a noticeable ridge that separates the top of their heads from the eyes and nostrils. The copperhead will often hibernate in the company of other snakes. Interestingly, Copperheads eat only up to 12 times a year. Their venom is relatively weak, and the bites rarely end up fatal for people. Mostly found in wooded areas, they are also quite capable of living in other types of ecosystems and can appear in more urban areas.

To grab the female's attention, male Copperheads fight between themselves in a body-shoving contest. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020 The Copperhead Snake (Agkistrodon contortrix) is one of the most common snake species in North America. Those scales are typically more prominent on each of the snake sides, and they become more narrow as they come towards the center or the end of the snake. The copperhead will often hibernate in the company of other snakes. When they engage in a battle with bigger prey, they first bite the animal and release it. Copperheads prefer humid and warm environments, and can sometimes climb trees when searching for prey. The venom found in hatchlings is as potent as the one found in adults. There are dark, rounded spots on the sides of the belly and the scales are weakly keeled. ... with a preference for a southern exposure. Where Do Copperheads Live? The pupil of a Copperhead is in a vertical position, and the color of the iris is mostly orange but can be in a reddish-brown shade. (61-90 cm). Still, they bite frequently, so here are ten facts about the Copperhead snake if you ever come across one. They are five distinct subspecies of the Copperhead, based on the location where they live.

Where Does The Snake River Begin And End? They usually do not stay long at the den entrance, but hurry in for the long winter sleep. Copperhead's Social Life. Copperheads are, in essence, predators. Snakes still need water when brumating. The ''dorsal pattern", where every scale is in the shape of an hourglass, changing colors from dark and red shades of brown on the top, and more lighter-pinkish colors on the back. Copperhead Snake is a pit viper, and another characteristic of that species is that they have a small pit between the eyes and the nostrils, which serves as a heat-sensor. Until they reach the adult stage, young Copperhead hatchlings body patterns are grayer than anything else, and the top of their tail is in very bright yellow or green shades. It may vibrate the tail rapidly when alarmed. This snake is found statewide, with the exception of the barrier islands. © 2020 Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources. They will often hibernate in the company of other snakes. Venomous Golden Lancehead Of Brazil's Snake Island: Why It Must Be Left Alone? There are more than 30 types of snakes in Virginia, but only three are venomous: northern copperheads, rattlesnakes and eastern cottonmouths (also known as water moccasins). It occurs at elevations below 910 meters in a wide variety of terrestrial habitats, including wetlands, forests, fields, and edge areas of all types. Mice are the primary prey, but they also take lizards, small snakes, amphibians, small birds, and insects. After the mating, the female can delay fertilization for a few months, storing the sperm until the hibernation period is over. The copperhead is found in open areas with higher rock densities, and uses all types of structures for cover, including abandoned buildings, brush piles, and stone walls. There are regional differences in body color and pattern throughout Virginia. Young Copperheads do not have the same strengths to tackle large prey as adults, so their diet consists mostly of smaller insects. They can survive in rock covered areas, deserts and canyons, and basically, any setting that has both sunlight and shade.

This species mates in April or May and 1-17 young are born from mid-August to early October. They mostly sit and wait and catch small prey bursting out of a bush. This is because there are five subspecies of the copperhead. Females are a bit longer than males, but males have longer tails. Females can also engage in combat to find their partner, and they will always turn down the male that does not want to put on a fight with her.

Copperheads like to hunt during the daytime in spring or fall. This snake prefers the cover of forest, though it will often make its home or den in rocky areas and ledges. As the name tells us, the head of the Copperhead is in vibrant copper-red color. Most of the birthing occurs from late August to early October; litter sizes range from 3-15 in Virginia.

They like to return to the same den every year.

It is a sluggish snake that relies on camouflage to escape detection.

It is a sluggish snake that relies on camouflage to escape detection. Copperheads are a semi-social snake and most commonly do their prey hunting alone. Richmond, VA Copperhead Snake Removal and Control – Virginia (804) 729-0046 or toll-free at (888) 824-7383. If there’s an unusually warm day in the winter, snakes may venture out of their hiding place for a while before returning in the evening. They come back to hibernation in early fall.

Animals that hibernate sleep throughout the winter. Rattlers live in the mountains and in far southeastern Virginia.

Once the prey comes close enough, they strike because they are born with the same set of fangs and the ability to inject venom.

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