He thinks of Kataoka's advice of not needing to throw to the inside, but still decide to call for a cutter to the inside. He is stunned and immediately regrets his harsh words. When Sawamura had the yips, Kanemaru was the first one to ask Chris to help Sawamura, implying he was worried about him. After 6 steady innings, Kawakami held Eigen High to only 1 run and Seidou scoring a lead of 11 - 1 over their opponent. However scientists are yet to find a factor, or set of factors, that predicts who will get the yips. 5 comfortably but his control on pitch No. -, "I won't lose to the substitute treatment! Tachi tells Sawamura, Haruichi and Furuya that watching them play reminded him of his old days, then tells them to work hard.

But not Sawamura - when he's at bat, he barely gets on base due to an error of the catcher. Kuramochi often practices his wrestling moves on him, and because of Sawamura's flexible body Kuramochi does not have to worry about hurting him much. Miyuki thinks Sawamura's velocity may get over the 140 km/h mark during the course of the Summer Tournament[43] and Sawamura reached the 140 km/h mark in the SF game against Ichidaisan High. -, "If he didn't have the will to advance forward, he wouldn't have raised his head. He is also surprisingly level-headed in critical situations, but can also be swayed negatively, causing his performance to drop. For the scrimmage against Yakushi, Furuya is Seidou's starting pitcher and impresses the gallery by his performance and especially by overpowering Raichi with his fastballs. This is rather a devastating blow than a happy surprise for Sawamura. Chris tells him that if Sawamura can't pitch to the inside then he doesn't have to, but encourages him to learn throwing low and away instead.

Seidou's first opponent was Eigen High. He has dark brown hair with brown eyes. The two formed a battery only once during a training match in which Sawamura pitched with a form taught to him by Chris and Kataoka. Sawamura assures Kanemaru that everything is okay and stays focused. He is often seen with a smile. On his first day of training, Sawamura oversleeps. [51] However, his peers' feedback wasn't encouraging, pointing out that the pitch's break was too subtle and that it was too similar to Sawamura's normal fastball; hence, the pitch required more refinements. Sawamura overcomes the difficulties during his face-off with Maki Yousuke and passes the baton to Kawakami, who successfully closes the game. Kuramochi, next to Miyuki, is the person who always teases Sawamura. The runners get home and Seidou's lead expand. With their success and deep run in the Fall Season, Seidou was seeded for the Tournament and was bypassed to the 3rd round. Kawakami has said that it's probably because he's not afraid of the pitch that he's so good at it. He was then switched out with Kawakami, who closed the game. She is mistaken by Kuramochi to be Eijun's girlfriend[4], but Sawamura denies saying that she is just a childhood friend. Sanada hits Sawamura's cutter and it goes into center field.

[25] Kataoka wanted to sub Sawamura in the next inning but Sawamura expresses his desire to continue pitching. Later, he told him that the moving ball is the quality that defines him through the way he grip the ball. Sawamura admits feeling overwhelmed by the cheering audience, but both he and Miyuki get excited to silence the crowd. Other 1st string pitchers and catchers also took interest in this and gather altogether at Miyuki's room, as such Miyuki has been holding a "cram school" in the evening to pass down his expertise and experiences not only for Sawamura but other other pitchers and catchers as well.[28].

The duel lasted 11 pitches and Akashi ended up hitting Sawamura's pitch to outfield. If someday at another place I'm able to catch his pitches ..." -, "Because he's always surprising us like that, he's standing on the mound." Chris Yuu Takigawa Edit. She wishes Sawamura good luck on becoming the ace and says that she is cheering for him. Kataoka calls Furuya and pulls Sawamura out after asking Miyuki about Sawamura's condition. [45] Before the Final match with Inashiro, Sawamura became consciously aware his pitch lacks power, thus he has to learn a breaking pitch to limit outfield hits. However, she has been shown to have feelings for him after he left for Seidou.

He is respectful towards majority of his senior teammates like Chris, Yuki, Isashiki, and Ryousuke, but he is more familiar towards Kuramochi and Masuko. Despite how hard Miyuki may be to deal with and how teasing he may be, Sawamura highly respects his input, and will often immediately listen to Miyuki despite resisting, while Miyuki, in turn, places utmost belief in Sawamura (though he rarely shows it). Sawamura is a lean-built teenager of average height.

Kataoka however, shut down Ochiai's suggestion stating that Sawamura has been the person pulling Seidou's team while Furuya was out of shape which the whole team should recognize. Miyuki uses him as a decoy, but both get punished by Coach Kataoka along with Sawamura's roommates Kuramochi Youichi and Masuko Tooru. Kataoka allows Sawamura to continue under 1 condition that if he were to let any runner get on base, he would be subbed out and Sawamura complied.

Sawamura's pitching form surprise the batters.

After witnessing the commotion, Seto notes that Amahisa seems to have changed while Okumura was annoyed saying Amahisa was rude to Sawamura. Since the start of his 2nd year Sawamura's control over his breaking fastballs has shown considerable improvements as Sawamura is now capable of making his pitches break as he desire and precisely locate his pitches to where Miyuki wants it. Okumura somehow thought it was amazing. After the loss to Ichidaisan High in Spring, Sawamura is determined to "complete himself" and said that he would practice swinging until his hands have blisters.[32]. Sawamura asks Kataoka to let him pitch at the fifth inning but Kataoka declines, telling Sawamura that assessing the situation and warming up are important functions of a reliever, shocking Sawamura. Despite his shortcomings, his disruptive nature often helps to ease a tense situation.

Thus, it can make batters swing late and comfortably strikes them out despite its average velocity. They are often seen arguing which ends up the latter ignoring Sawamura. With runners on bases, he faces the Cleanup batter Koyasu. [52], Sawamura also possesses another type of changeup known as the Palmball, while Miyuki refers to this pitch as Sawamura's "high speed changeup". After ending the first inning 3 for 3 and establishing a strong start, Miyuki prompted to Sawamura that they should start using the "Numbers" in the later innings. [8], Sawamura is the type who usually acts before he thinks, usually landing him in numerous awkward situations with his peers. The yips are involuntary wrist spasms that occur most commonly when golfers are trying to putt. On the final day of the training camp, a three way round robin is held between Seidou, Inashiro Industrial and Shuhoku. Sawamura started playing baseball because of. This is Sawamura's game debut and his first pitch goes straight into the batter's back. Chris then taught him how to pitch low outside, telling him that this was the pitch he always wanted him to learn. In junior high nobody could do that. The teamwork between the new formed battery isn't particularly good. Calling for a time-out, Miyuki tells Sawamura to focus on the batter. https://production-ig.fandom.com/wiki/Eijun_Sawamura(Ace_of_Diamond)?oldid=4751. Cookies help us deliver our Services. At the lineup, Sawamura is congratulated by one of Maimon's players and shouts that he'll do his best and play for them as well. In the sixth inning, Sawamura is back up to pitch and strikes out all three batters getting a three for three.

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