[76], After Aizen escapes to Hueco Mundo, Uryū, Chad, Ichigo, and Orihime depart for the Human World. New logo adopted / Launch of POPingNetz X and ACP-501, 2014 Launch of iSP-1210, DACS-GN Series, ACP-600, IVIS-GE, Launch of dynamic weighing system "IMAS-G", WM-AI, IX-GN, IX-EN, 2016 Introduction into Medical system market, © 2020 ISHIDA CO.,LTD. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. Later, Ichigo invites Uryū to join his group for lunch. They launch their attacks on Nozomi, who directs the accumulated energy at the Reigai, defeating all except for the Reigai-Byakuya, who counters with a blast of his own, knocking out everyone except for Ichigo and Nozomi. Uryū tells him that he thought the Shinigami were correct, until his sensei was killed in front of him.

When Uryū questions whether she cared about the Bounts, Ran'Tao insists that she did, but her powers were sealed when she was exiled. Uryū uses it to fight a Menos Grande that attacks him. Uryū tells him it is too bad the Espada ran into him, as he could have fought a little longer. He says that there has been a shift in his Reiatsu, but it is definitely Ichigo, and asks Orihime if she has felt it too. Haschwalth brings out little objects that Uryū scattered around Wahrwelt, which Uryū denies knowing about. Ichigo begins to attack Kūgo with a Getsuga Tenshō. Uryū tells him that the man that attacked him was the one standing behind him, Kūgo, surprising Ichigo. While Ichigo is fighting the Hollows that attacked Ryūnosuke Yuki and Shino, Uryū arrives with Orihime and Sado, and they help him in the fight. As they continue on their way, they meet Renji Abarai as he is about to be killed by the eighth Espada, Szayelaporro Granz.

He asks Ichigo to fight him to show the difference in their strength. [44], In a week's time, he masters the Sanrei Glove. | Ichigo is told to stay back, and simply watches as Chad and Uryū engage the two Arrancar by themselves. Judging from this, Uryū deduces that they will more than likely be attacked in Karakura Town, Urahara agreeing with him. Uryū then tells Ichigo to go off and finish Yhwach, but gets crestfallen as Yhwach quickly recovers from the attack and regains his powers. After accidentally firing on Nozomi, who quickly absorbs his attack, Uryū realizes that Nozomi's blade can absorb any kind of spiritual energy. Uryū tells Ryūken to be quiet, and asks Orihime to go home. Unlike his original bow, this bow is shaped like a spider's web. He wanted to get away if he was the true target, but the situation has changed, and he now wants her to heal him.

From out of nowhere, a blade cuts his left arm and disappears when he moves away. He initially refuses, but changes his mind upon hearing that Keigo Asano will treat them. [105] With his friends, a powerless Uryū leaves Soul Society to return to his life in Karakura Town, leaving Ran'Tao to live out the rest of her life with the last of the Bounts, Gō Koga.[106]. However, Uryū had already applied anesthesia, and stops the bleeding from his injury. As the palace begins to crumble, Uryū moves between Yhwach and his friends, whom he tells to not move if they do not want to be shot. Noting that he will die regardless of how wounded he is, Haschwalth reminds Uryū of how he puts everything on his scales because he might come to regret everything if he merely follows others without considering the consequences of his actions before telling him to save his friends. That night, following Ichigo's fight with an assassin sent to kill Rurichiyo, Uryū and the others come over so that Kenryū can explain the situation to them. [36], With Ichigo's Zanpakutō tied to his head, Uryū instructs a dubious Ichigo to increase his power to its maximum so Uryū can shoot an extremely large arrow at the Menos Grande. He has straight, chin-length black hair framing both sides of his face, and is fair-skinned with blue eyes. Ran'Tao explains that in her quest for eternal life, the Bounts were created in an experimental accident, with Yoshino being a clone of herself. Muramasa, however, proves too fast, easily evading Uryū's arrows. Uryū pulls out Seele Schneider to block the blade attacks. He has a tendency to say things melodramatically. [249] Uryū not only survived, but he also retained all of his powers, unlike some Sternritter who lost powers due to the Auswählen.[250]. Injured, Uryū walks through Seireitei, seeing visions of his grandfather until he's found by Sado and Ichigo, who insist he's healed. This gives him a vast increase in power, enough to defeat a captain class Shinigami with Bankai in only one shot. When the Menos starts to charge a Cero, Uryū calls for Ichigo to connect his Zanpakutō to his body again, but is surprised to find Ichigo rushing towards the Menos. Uryū asks why Ichigo invited him, questioning Ichigo's motives. Surmising that it must be because Uryū possesses something which surpasses his own power, Yhwach states that he shouldn't over-analyze things and instead just follow his lead.[205]. Afterwards, Kon appears, giving Ichigo a Mod-Soul pill with his Reishi, which restores Ichigo's powers. [231] As Uryū ascends to the Soul King Palace, he suddenly notices a presence, and a Heilig Pfeil is shot in front of him. She cares for him and explains her actions, crediting his lonesome eyes as the reason she helped him. This is similar to how a marksman gains skill and hits the target more frequently. Uryū and the others launch group attacks on Yushima. The coat is fastened by three buttons emblazoned with the Quincy Zeichen on either side and a white belt with a gold buckle around the waist. [183] After the fight ceases, Ichigo is kidnapped. The two have a brief sword duel, and as Senbonzakura attempts to finish Uryū off, he is surprised to see his Reishi being absorbed. [89] They are both saved when his friends show up and confront the Bounts, resulting in Utagawa's betrayal and subsequent execution at the hands of Maki Ichinose.[90]. Yoshino Sōma appears and rescues the Quincy, running off with him in the process. Yamamoto arrives, and quickly defeats the last Reigai. All the extra energy collects on his right shoulder, much like how a quiver is worn. New logo adopted / Launch of POPingNetz X and ACP-501 Uryū states that he cannot accompany them, prompting Ichigo to say that he knew that, but called him anyway to avoid him sulking.[202]. Uryū arrives at the battle between Ichigo and Yhwach. Uryū and Renji watch the battle between the two scientists and witness Mayuri's ultimate victory over Szayelaporro. With this bow, Uryū is able to kill most Hollows in a single strike. She takes him and Ichigo back to her home, where she explains the origins of the Bounts to them. [144] However, Yammy is not yet dead, and is barely hanging on to the crumbling floor. It is attached to his glove by a series of thin struts. [49] He is surprised at just how powerful Jidanbō is when he swings his axe down and creates a wall from the ground, stopping both Sado and Orihime. [233], Ten years after Yhwach's defeat, Uryū, now a doctor, takes a long lunch break on the roof of his workplace. He replies that he knows, and that he was out of sorts when he initially refused. Despite the anime damage showing no bleeding at all, Uryū still states similar lines about having stopped the blood flow to a worried Orihime, and he loses the use of his left arm in both versions. He also addresses Ichigo, telling him that he wants him to see how strong he has become. [211], When Ichigo approaches the tower, Uryū steps forward and fires a Heilig Pfeil at him, prompting Ichigo to deflect it before realizing who fired it. When Ichigo comes to, he is horrified to see his sword lodged in Uryū's abdomen. He activates his Ginrei Kojaku and tells Ichigo to come over to him. [67] Driven by anger at Mayuri, Uryū uses "Ransōtengai" to move his paralyzed body, and removes his Sanrei glove to invoke the "Quincy: Letzt Stil", greatly increasing his Quincy powers at the cost of losing them shortly thereafter.

He goes to a secluded spot by a waterfall to do so. [117] The group is then attacked by a sand-based Hollow, Runuganga. [185] Uryū is left lying on the street, with his right arm severely injured, bleeding profusely as the paramedics approach his location. As Kūgo goes on to say that everyone in Soul Society is in on this, Uryū begins to worry about how Ichigo will handle this news. Urahara deduces that Inaba is unable to produce a Reigai of a being with Hollow powers. [206], Uryū and Yhwach, as they observe Cang Du and BG9 being defeated, discuss the turning of events. After Muramasa apologizes for his actions and dies, Ichigo says that Muramasa kept his pride as a Zanpakutō. Nemu assisting Uryū out of gratitude for sparing her father. Uryū was born after Ryūken Ishida married Kanae Katagiri which happened after the infection of Masaki Kurosaki, to whom Ryūken's mother originally intended him to marry. He then tells him that he is a Quincy, and that he holds the power to kill Hollows.

All rights reserved. Uryū senses Mayuri's battle with Sawatari through the use of his Quincy Bangle. When Kon eats some chili powder and goes berserk from the heat, Uryū pins him to a wall with his arrows. They hold a meeting following Rurichiyo's solo trip to Soul Society. As they survey their surroundings, Ichigo foolishly rushes towards Seireitei.

As the top of the palace shatters due to Yhwach's immense power, Uryū watches as Haschwalth asks Yhwach to lead them. Uryū walks away, commenting that if he hadn't been their enemy, they would have gotten along well. Before Uryū can respond, Kon points out a large crack forming in the sky, and Uryū notes that the Hollows are converging upon it. Uryū and Ichigo discussing their course of action. [11] He likes Don Kanonji's television program "Bura-Rei" so much that he attends the live broadcast of the filming in Karakura Town.[12]. Ichigo points out that he never controls his energy output, and that if people say that his power is great, then it must be at its maximum all the time. Uryū fires his arrows at Kūgo, but he blocks them and cuts Ichigo down. [178], As Ichigo fights evenly with Yushima, Kon convinces everyone to help Ichigo. His comrades refuse to let him do so, however, Orihime eventually arrives with Lieutenant Izuru Kira and agrees to heal him. They find out it's Sado, but need to discover where the real one is. As a cover, he tells the teacher he is on the way to the nurse's office. Uryū Ishida is a bespectacled teenager of average height and slender build. After the meeting, Uryū is locked in a room on his own, separated from Yoshino. Kūgo cuts through Ichigo's attack, and attacks him with his own Getsuga Tenshō. Ichigo is shocked to see the increased size of Uryū's bow, and as he asks what happened to it, Uryū tells him his idea. When Ran'Tao's Reiatsu starts to go berserk, Uryū sacrifices his weapon to save her, leaving them at Kariya's mercy. [30] He runs after Uryū, and attacks several Hollows around him. [141], Uryū is later healed, along with Sado, by Orihime, as a distraught Rurichiyo looks on. He prepares a Cero to attack Uryū.

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